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tight and tied, closing in the vault of the vagina below

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last attack, now nearly four years, the eyes have been perfectly sound and

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was told by his friend, the priest, was the usual practice

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attempts to aid her should follow. The most sanguine

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Ml An Rpts, 1942 and 43, Sta Hosps at Jefferson Bks,

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combated. The mere fact that thousands ader thousands are silently

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7^ in. ; transverse breadth, maximum, interparietal, 6-/^ in. ;

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however, arterial thrombosis was a rare complication amongst our

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Poupart, FRAxgois, French anatomist, 1610-1708. — Pou-

gout colchicine and allopurinol

respondence when the ligature is not forthcoming. In the illustration give

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.in,iiy aiiu ail iiiUDiiiiy 10 00 uic usuai »»i.ivjuui ui iiiciaai

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was the most careful and scientific, and yet the bronchitis

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finding in the realm of traumatic surgery. ISTeither is Schlatter's

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Cooper and Funk (1911) obtained somewhat similar results, pigeons

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ness than any other one disease that the eye is subject

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Obstacles such as storms and blizzards, deep snow and impassable trails could be

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were admitted into hospital, 7 were discharged, there was one

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College of Physicians, London, that "this subinflainination

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the circulation caused by wearing collars that were too

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which this treatment was successful. 2 A case has been reported by Dr.

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on being slightly pinched while asleep, she winced unmistakably.

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that a specific arteritis was present and that the hemor-

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aspirated and several ounces of clear fluid were obtained.

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was the first symptom, and the disease was thought to be a general infection

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has only a little headache and vomiting, a minimum of polynuclear

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the College who acted as bearers, Sir Risdon Bennet,

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et seq.), it will separate spontaneously as a sediment of mucus-like con-

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now only 24| pounds, and she was brought to me because she was

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is fit for school and can do the work without injury either to its mental

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the toxic matter from the circulation. But obviously all the toxic stuff

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indirectly through the action of the light upon the body cir-

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