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in the lower grades of the public schools. The graphic and

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more than the other ports ; it is also opposed by the fact that rachitis

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firmness and solidity by activity of nuclear growth — and some-

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for several jears. From six months to a year or more after the eommeuoe-

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of the most varied kind — strangles, lymphadenoma, melanoma

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anesthetic — the cocaine alkaloid— anil hastened to give

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structure. The wOrm which lives In Its seeoud cast-off skin represents the

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service training for teachers on health is essential.

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sulphate 1-50 of a grain, nitroglycerine 1-100, and

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of 15 to 30 grains after another two hours. If the bowels do not

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are so very delicate that the force of the syringe, so unlike the

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have been unbounded. In every paper I have written, in

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collections of small polygonal cells with darkly staining nuclei. In one

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The situation as it is ivith the governor in the saddle and the

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ness with slight hallucinations The insomnia h.nd been

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action. Whatever may be its precise scat, it is repeatedly, but errone-

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scabies, especially marked on and around the breasts, but no sign of

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close of the first 10 months of operation, 155 beds were open and the hospital

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BablM. DellrtiimTrpmeiit. AlooboUsiii. NenroosAithenU. Hypoctaondrtaslib

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pathy." In any case, telling the patient the trouble is ''imaginary'^

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tions were shown to be due to the presence of minor agglutinins for

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has been, without having such house, etc., and all articles

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Alexander. St. Bartholomew's Hosp. Rep., London, 1900, xlii, 41.

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some kind, I did not have the thorax punctured : because, in the

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- This paper is an abstract of a lecture given by Dr. Letbeby at the

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are hernial protrusions of the mucous coat through the muscular coat.

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men, because I was with one of these run-about, migratory batta-

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In the brain the embolic changes are punctated or capillary hemorrhage,

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most reliable mode of diagnosis. Any temporary decrease it

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prove this view ; Moricke showed, by scraping with a

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by unconsciousness, relaxed muscles, contracted pupil, full, strong

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the efficiency of many remedies may be doubtful, the propriety

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Exhibition of Medicine and Hygieue will be inaugurated in

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projecting hooks should bo taken away, and the patient must never for

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dose of castor oil (^ss) should be given four hours before com-

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