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Houston, M. D. M. R. I. A., Surgeon to the City of Dublin
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in the masseter (Mas.), pterygoid (Pter.), and deep temporal
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killing the animal about the tenth day. This was prevented in
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influye en esta reacci6n del liquido de Miiller. Los cerebros de
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plegia has existed from early life, the tendency is to progressive impair-
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other circumstances, might not be serious. If the disease continue for a
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hears noises of animals or men, answers imaginary questions, and is apt
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ever, accurately represented in the graph (fig. 7, N.Sp.). A
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leptics, as a rule, are not short-lived, and, in the majority of cases, death
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object, or the hot-air bath may be employed once or twice daily. Under
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the brain. Broca, of Paris, even considers the posterior part of the third
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ments derived from the Casserian ganglion, that is, whether they are situ,
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latina did not previously exist in Woodstock. Shortly two children in
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tral i)ortions of the cord. The}' may be found in general on all of these
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longations of the arteries containing none of the coloured blood;
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fever, distinct from the fevers which have been considered, is characterized
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found to exist on awakening from sleep in the morning. In the cases in
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ties are paralyzed, and, in addition, the paral^^sis may involve the face,
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toe in the smallest degree everted. She experienced great pain
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best possible condition by means of a well-regulated diet and regimen, and
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injury of the brain, every one is aware, and, as has been already
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cells, these intercellular clefts become wider by the reduction in
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have been prevented. When I saw her on her bed, and ascer-
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Bethe, Held, Cajal, Bielschowsky) have brought forth many a
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fibers, dorsally by the nervus and ganglion vestibulare, and me-
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durated. The patient stated that four years previously he had
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The fiber was also cut near the posterior end of the cord in a
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cluded under the name purpura simplex, because the eruptive and the
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The pathological importance of waxy liver and its clinical history are to

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