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500 miles to attend a medical meeting, consequently a considerable

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Be assured of genuine Listerine by purchasing an original package.

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him, but that might be accounted for by their not being

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cool water is indicated in the cases in which the temperature is above

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way of diet, etc., especially during the first year of life. These remarks

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with etfusiou in bis left knee, and a deposit of red urates

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the Honorable William J. Bryan, kindly provided letters of intro-

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miting of fluid of a pungent camphor odour, were the consequences of

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identify easily all patients seen at the CJinical Center with a mitral valve

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[son has been taken, the patient complains of numbness and tingling in the

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the whole may become gangrenous. Pulmonary apoplexy not unfre-

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can speak dogmatically, as men have been apt hitherto

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Hyoid Bone Mylo-hyoid and Hyoglossus Sterno-thyroid and

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fretfulness had been cultivated, which caused him to insist on

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Smith. He observes that it does not appear that John de

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the spasm of the muscles is paroxysmally increased. Sometimes

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"Spirits, wine and malt liquors have been barred from the

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soft sides were thin (usually less than three-fourths of an inch in thickness) and

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remembered that this form of epilepsy is the type most

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under the auspices of an English company whose leading

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be solitary, and cannot be traced, to a cause. At other times it

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of colour being visible in the conjunctiva or mucous membranes.

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