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necropsies, was nearly the double in asylum experience of that re-
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syphilis negative, but there was also no clinical or electrocardiographic
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not to have been extraordinarily severe among those Fijians who were
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ever, as is so well demonstrated by Allen's researches, immediately to
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of new onset?) after much longer intervals of freedom from attack,
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nation. It was then observed clinically for some time and the organ-
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moplegia externa may occur alone or in association with paralysis of
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cases represent the great exception. They are individual and may
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adopt a classification of the disease based upon the different appear-
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certain differences in race, family, and temperament may in the first
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depots elsewhere in the body. A tumor may reveal itself by pressure
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Case 5 (P. B. B. H. Med. No. 3337).— A man, aged 27, was admitted to
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had gradually increased until at the time of entrance he was unable to walk
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Two of the pellagrins died early in 1913, before the appearance of
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mills were accordingly visited, and the facts were found to be as
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formly swollen, and if the swelling is well marked the movements of
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spring ; or perhaps he recovers permanently. Now. these two states,
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in exophthalmic goitre, and (5) the occurrence of myxcedema after re-
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the intraventricular conduction, which prevents the passage of the
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patient received six large doses of intravenous salvarsan. One patient,
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ously at first, and later possibly internally. All the best authorities
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demic in origin, so that the following descrij)tion applies to either
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Munzer and Wiener to show that nerve cells undergo profound changes in
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has suggested, that this temporary recovery duriug pregnancy takes
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tricular escape and atrioventricular rhythm is very uncertain without
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double parentage is probably the chief explanation.
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The regulation of the diet of the patient is a matter of much im-
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the nose, signs of temporary catarrh, which too frequently extends
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disease ; and except that in my opinion the obstruction is primarily in
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affection involving the external coat of an artery, so that this shows

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