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1y dry and shining. This state is attended wl^h an inflam-

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an operation, it will be found that within a few hours

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to drink. Dr. E. P. Thwing, of Brooklyn, read a paper

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one occasion he over-flexed it and the fragments again

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of the xiphoid cartilage. The most pronounced fat accumulation in

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Treatment. — The treatment is unsatisfactory. Counter-

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from the medical fraternity of both a professional and social

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having been made. There was ligamentous union apparently,

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This brings me to my own modification, the imbricating or overlap-

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interferes with the discharge of her household duties, and

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cells on the posterior surface of the retina. In the retina itself are nu-

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standard is the solution of the whole problem of chastity. We

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sort of scape goat for ignorance and obscure affections.

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counties of Ireland, which, on the LOth of the May following,

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