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The Jews in London. — The idea that Jews are as a class a healthier people
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previously tried on others. Thus, for example, the use
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regarded as a contribution to the important subject of
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greater part be returned, it may be repeated to the
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Medical Officer of Health for Liverpool, 1905, p. 89 )
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stationary or got worse in twenty-four per cent. Bacilli disappeared in
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mon, and the first settlers on new land used to suffer fearfully for
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comparativelv rare iu India, where the natives make a habit of
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ed somewhat troublesome, leaving a prescription of opium
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their presence for a time, but that they afterwards excite a process of
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directly by palpating the apex impulse and by making allowance for
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In these cases, it is advantageously combined with podophyllin in
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physician. Try the effect of gradually limiting the amount of
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The medical schools afford a course of education which accords with the re-
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Early treatment, even after amyloid has developed, may retard the
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after a short time an account of the bad effect which
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disciplined environment that these childen are missing.
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Materia Mcdica could eflect— a change for the better, hygienic, curative, in every waj

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