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self-reliance of a skilful practitioner ; and in cases of

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resulting is a loss of symmetry. Indeed, not only have the muscles

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quite as injurious as butcher's meat if consumed in corresponding

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grows pale, and seems disinclined to make exertion of any kind.

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follow upon derangement of the liver, they referred the initial morbid

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next spring. E^^en during the intervals between the periodical at-

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soothe the excito-motor nerve of the heart ; no, we rather gain our

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is aided by the local application of heat in connection with movement

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medical and other societies, — ex-President of Hampden District

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by Bull, in which the bark of Cytisus alpinus had been chewed.

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when painful sensations are experienced in the abdominal and pehic

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ease is deserving of the most careful consideration. Much that is

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Brain. IV. — Meningitis or Inflammation of the Brain.

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in one generation after another ; and its immediately related diseases

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not prove fatal, the thrombosis will be found to have brought about a state

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are surrounded by extensive osteophytic outgrowths which must have

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those of Bertrich, Carlsbad, Marienbad, Tarasp, etc. ; and (c) saline

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after the close of the reo^ular session, in ]Ma\ and

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rest. This treatment, however, should only be attempted by those

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in the second variety, in which the process, while diffuse, produces chiefly

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teins, but the output is apparently not influenced by diet, and there is no

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point of a surgeon's bistoury, and afterward use the same treatment

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again, results from cardiac failure, as is evidenced bv the state of the pulse

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take place. The most important lesion occurring in rheumatic myo-

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tient tries not to breathe but is unsuccessful in the attempt. The

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method of compensation, for as the stroke is less vigorous a greater

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riosclerosis has develojjed, medicinal treatment is unavoidable aside

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of such urine cannot be simulated by the addition of hsematoporphyrin,

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tissues of the entire body may be finally either directlj^ or indirectly

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wound goes on without interruption from spasm of the divided

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delight, for the more intelligent the people are concerning these

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and distinguished in every department of the profes-

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sugar. In many instances such an attack of glycosuria is merely a

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inhibition is most likely to be overmatched. Hyperpyrexia is,

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piration, and pali^itation of the heart; they feel psychically out of

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tick twenty inches away. Deafness may be due to several causes, as

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do not appreciably modify the color of the urine. Rosanilin, when adminb-

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from the inhalation of steain, hot smoke or flames. A superficial

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Other cutaneous deposits are occasionally discovered in the eyelids,

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