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its contagious character ; this essay which was published at the time,

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benefit; while in others it as completely fails. When it

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may contact the physicians. Physicians desiring associates may also request a listing of available physicians.

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frora'frequent attacks of painful, difticult micturition during the

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xiot be kept in a state of permanent insensibility from chloroform.

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Dermoid cysts are unilateral in 80% to 85% of cases, and

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Ebstein, and Oertel. In so-called "Bantingism," sugars, fats, and starches,

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ago, after a fall, the knee became swollen and painful, and it

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cases now pending in the Circuit Court of Milwaukee County alone

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thickened, and the horny layer is converted into a dense, non-desquamating

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in forty-eight hours, after starvation treatment was begun, she

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was proven to be a hematoma, and the diagnosis was made

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the final aqueous solution with chloroform by shaking, and to pour

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every two hoars, so as to excite slight inflammation very slow-

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tive, if not decidedly injurious. Dr. Robert Williams in vol. ii. page 563,

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and within the cavity, water will flow if there is any in

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Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.

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steiner. Ueber die VertragbarkeitderMasern, des Schar-

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gam cequinociialem orhis ncvi collegerunt, descripserunt pariim adum-

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better in a cooler climate. This has been gained in part from the

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be taken morning and night, in molasses or syrup of ginger.

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