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should be influenced and the distention, which is maintained

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services, or wishing to have more care and attendance than tlie other

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from neighbouring cowkeepers, and several that I know were

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ing experiment is quite typical of results that may be

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312. Histology of the Organs of Internal Secretion. — Mj. Spring, Bensley,

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habitually, until they are exhausted. With the lat-

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all parts of the body. This contraction or beating of the heart takes

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become asphyxiated. From gdngrene, pleurisy, and phthisis echinococci are

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with the Lymphoma group and has received an appointment as a member of the NIH

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society and thus cultivate a more intimate acquaintance. It is not

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supplies of this factor in its own body. If this hypothesis is cor-

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move the thumb slightly, but can only slightly flex the fingers. There are occasionally

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two days apart, and recovered without any paralysis.

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excretion of lime in the faeces and urine ; (3) great pain in the bones, as

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ments of Binz, Kerner, and Lepidi-Chioti, this elimination begins in

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tions are quoted, but nothing else new is given. It is

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jacent tissue. Occasionally a hard morsel of bread re-

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carry the injections to such a point without some guide, better than

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says total abstinence is not disadvantageous to health, and does

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toms cited, — and by others not herein stated but easily recog-

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It was observed by Finsen 4 that the red corpuscles in

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large flakes, and that of the limbs becomes either rough and furfuraceous

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" Were the intelligent classes of society better acquainted with

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the invalid, which cannot be done too forcibly, the importance of

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forty-seven cases. Thus : ascending thoracic aorta three out of six

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robust health, and who had had several children, the circumference of

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an interval of varying duration, by acute mania, resembling the

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are entirely absent. When present they are of the epileptiform type ;

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time of day at which delivery takes place has a slight influence on the

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