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the bandage was too tight, a fact which escaped the notice of

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the necessity of very carefully investigating each case along general as well

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authorities. That in about one third of all the cases this complication

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served that the mobility of a limb was sometimes entirely de-

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key and of the several powers who accepted the sanitary agreement

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editorship. And while we may continue our interest in the work, as an

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ing considerable pus-producing areas. Dr. Hunter Mackenzie,

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for the examination of all candidates for Surgeons and Assistant

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Amputation of thigh, lower third, leg, middle third, arm,

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the pupil is provided with an attestation from the Medical

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be paid to ventilation ; dry canvas allows some penetration of air,

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which reference had been made in Dr. Myers's paper,

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rarel}^ continuous, but present periods of complete calm or relief

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changes, the nature of which remains to be ascertained. Symptoms de-

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toms became progressively worse. IMost of the writers were

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