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isolated, the lesion attacking the terminal network of the nerve, or its nucleus of origin.

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which some at all events of the characteristic symptoms of Addison's

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Etiology. — The larynx is very frequently involved in syphilitic inflam-

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has become unusually intense, and more or less black,

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Christian, Henry A.: Some studies of a diuretic (theocin) 606

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N-r^CMr^-*tcocococococo T-ococooocoo r>-0'^-t^-r^-<a-inir)-^-'<tCMco i-

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in animals ; possibly these were mild cases of slight inoculation on an

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In the serofibrinous form and in empyemia, symptoms of

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needles were employed to arrest the hemorrhage, three by the Aberdeen or

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the president. “I didn’t kill him,” he said, “the doctors did

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This opinion of the Attorney General does not apply to each

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much more to do than the father with the forming of

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complications and preoperative assessment of risk. Mayo Clinic

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and in a business-like manner. As regards the Asso-

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render them for a time incompletely paralyzed. The muscles, under these

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apparently transformed into a yellowish-white mass, which reflected so much

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The vertebral arteries unite to form the basilar, which divides in front

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not for many years, if ever, in such fine spirits and so hopeful

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three months, leaving scars which are still visible. In December,

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rapid death from the treatment could not be concealed, though

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from general fatigue, insomnia, distressing dreams, hysterical

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jections should never be used except in cases where

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detached, and either lies free in the vaginaor is expelled without the

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of touch and temperature are apparently cortical, for they are

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never heal. On account of this drawback to his operation, Yankauer

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full of long, delicate, curly, blond hairs. Over the

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was a somewhat tense swelling about two inches in diameter on the right

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achieved social maturity so as to publish the letter of a labor leader.

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exploration during pregnancy. It is difH.cult enough to deter-

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occur independently of them. They are either continuous in their dura-

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and tlien iodoform was blown in. The operation was done on

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ensue. He thought also, in a similar manner, that the antero-

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Acute Brain Injuries in Adults. — Progress in the diagnosis and

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Right elbow fusiform swelling, fluctuation at joint, pressure exceedingly

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sistant, he makes an iocision about an incli and a half

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six months, all my tracheotomized cases were living;

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everywhere will be strongly acid. If the other tissues of a

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