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became affected, and temporal vision on the left side

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II. The sub.stance used for inoculation is the pure

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of our efforts to restore and maintain in their full vigor the natural condi-

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are using ; it is just as hard to cure a person that is using one-half

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It was neceswary that cows should feed in |)a(st\ire in

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ducing agent by the exhausted serum of the immunized geese was

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lessness. This form is the most difficult to treat and is usually fatal.

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defined tumor. A section of the ventricular band was

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organisms used were small nonmotile, gram-negative, nonspore-bearing aerobic

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old pansporoblasts, separated from one another by an indefinite

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bladder, a bimanual examination was made, the catheter

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problems, such as bed utilization, professional ser-

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small, hard and quick ; frequent faintings; great debility ; difficult

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and adjuvant measure. Sponging the body three or four

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ago, where the contents of the sac were exceptional. I

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<aca, but also all the ridge of mountains, which

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have been afflicted with venereal lues; and now in the 20th

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two organs must not be divided. We must try to prevent

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vent is seriously questioned by many pharmacists, who

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affected, an ugly inflammation extends itself in va-

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ports of the discovery by Cunningham," Cxrassi,^ and others, of

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intoxication, in persons afflicted with not only neurotic tem-

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Eye. — These are chiefly of an inflammatory nature, with the usual

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disease, the muscles in traumatic neurasthenia easily pass into a condi-

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cular strength, which would render the period of convalescence tedious.

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heredity was too well understood and recognized to require fur

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dotted line, 1\ P, is supposed to represent the arc of a

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