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and longer as the surface is left. At the end of the second week
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often reveals the presence of small shreds^ probably sloughs from Peyer's
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the tissue of a rabbit's ear, there resulted in sixteen hours a rich cellular
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disease. This at least seems the way in which the newly-discovered
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abdominal symptoms may also be present ; in both the typhoid state
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its resistance there is another factor which increases with the number of
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Since there is no doubt that plague, when in an epidemic form, does
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and over again, in different countries, precisely the same phenomena in
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small pulsating tumor, above the clavicle, indicating aneurism of the
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The sixth European invasion, dating from 1879, took place via
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contains the report (p. 543). At the time that the note was written,
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tions, — two main factors in the dissemination of the disease, — but
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Hence, besides resort to measures of disinfection at the school-house
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cautiously introduced, the effects on the urine must be noted daily. Any
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we trust will eventually become as popular on account of its intrinsic
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and though such an authority as Scarpa may be quoted against my as-
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of twenty or thirty baths the intervals between the attacks become
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Atrophic Degeneration of Efferent Tracts of the Nervous System. —
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consists of a series of headlands, between which stretch gently-curved
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came more violent, and, when resumed, abated. Also, when the pow-
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Materia Medica and Clinical Medicine, by Jacob Bioai<ow. M.D. 10
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veiir In advance, $3.50 aller three months, and $4,00 if not paid within tbe year.—Agente allow«4l
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Bonders, Pagenstecher, Damalix, Klein and others have reported
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of Galen and the Arabian physicians cease to appear at the head of the
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muscular motion as well as in reasoning. It bounds and limits the pow«r
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digestion is to be withheld. The principal meals are best taken in the
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the patient. For great restlessness, want of sleep or delirium, spong-
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was recognised these views were carried a stage further, and the causal
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more essential. Yet how few boys — and still fewer girls — receive the
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time is an approved remedy, and tamarind tea, barley water sweetened
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the chances of indirect contagion. (8) The abundance of germs leaving
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tea, so that he soon perspires freely. Quinine was also at one time con-
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per guards against the accidents which have been pointed out. The
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On the Practice of Physic and the Diseases of Women and Children, by Johic Oai.AMA.TBB, M.D.

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