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Rui)erior article of Silk and Cotton Elastic Stockings, (Without
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methylene, we have as yet no decisive results, but the
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grant violations of medical ethics by a member, such as improper publica-
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name bilious pneumonia. Contrary to the preceding case,
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Keith, Halbert Lyon, "West Sand Lake, Rensselaer Co.
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poisoning, and the ground is taken that strychnia can not be em-
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the previous health, and the various complications that may ac-
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*Vide Clinical Observations on Functional Nervous Disorders. P.
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cessfully, if the rules I here give are faithfully followed out :
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much to be deplored, and should always be avoided, if possible,
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temperature did not exceed 39°.8,* and that the crisis com-
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spirit that will honor the occasion, and prove a binding stone in
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break the bone either across the knee or by appara-
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lowing gentlemen at the house of the patient : Drs. Bishop,
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show itself before the formation of the bronchial ampul-
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diabetes, although in some cases feebleness of action
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His activity, strength and good health, were well main-
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been long deprived of all the advantages of proper drain-
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Cooper, William S., 81 3d St., Troy, Rensselaer Co. Founder.
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signing a person to an ecological niche, however, means
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nomenon, the violence of which can kill before the mal-
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ever returns are unquestionably, to nine-tenths of the profes-

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