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thrombus occupies a vein of an extremity, oedema of all the parts be-

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any thing to do with the headache. From the cases I have seen in practice

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the patient, marks it as a case of no little interest to

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though I occasionally notice reference to them by observers.

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material may indicate a breakthrough in this difficult scanning problem.

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at l(!ast of their probable frequency may be fornnd

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of the Sky." This is a private institution for the Climatic, Hygienic,

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92, and the blood-pressure 124 systolic and 75 diastolic

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course meets their cordial approbation, and will be sustained-

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they found 150 dead Austrians in the cellars ; and in the courtyards

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Sir : I have noticed of late reported in The Medical

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chial irritation, which seems to be extended to the minute vesicles, and

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the use of Kussmaul's pump and Fancher's siphon-tube,

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drink almost always instantly precipitates one ; the sight of fluid in a basin

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Use of English, White's Words and their Uses, and his

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rectum. Urethra was at least one inch longer than normal.

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sagacity and judgment of the practitioner for its removal, I dismiss*

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only criticism, and we are not sure that it is a just one, is that

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they* protrude with the slightest exertion, and the patient

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medical attendant, Dr. Lushington held that there must be the clearest proof

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always exhibited the phenomena above described before and after

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sudoral fever, would any one take the sweating as a

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the tongue, to which reference will be hereafter made.

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European Rheumatic Chains” which, he claimed, had been successfully applied

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marjoram should be drank freely, while the bowels are

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services provided to persons on the premises of a non-hospital provider qualify as

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sittings of die legislatures. What valid reason is there why phjrieinif

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insensible to light. He does not keep his eyes wide open, nor are the eye-

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