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dall's Island Hospital, to the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital and to

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Peekham (18), Kruse (19), Koch (20), Beck and Schultz

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leticism and especially of the " Oregon Trail " to over-

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speculum, and the touch, we may now go on to consider, in order, some

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performed at some time between birth and the end of the sec-

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slight causes, such as by exertion, by emotion, or by food, as after

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Dr. Miller was born in Statesville, North Carolina in 1886. He

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general health had been declining for eighteen months, and she

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to the maximum pressure, see below) can be determined accurately by the Riva-

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the intcftines in chorea is in many cnfes truly afloniOiing. The

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eczema," etc., have been applied and which are frequently found in

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lated little blotches change to large tubercles, cracks and deep rhagades,

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Use in Contrast to a Medically and Demographically Similar Control *

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the extremities, but should be extended to other regions with such

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that the medical, as well as every other curative indication in

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J. L., set. 36. (For Clinical report see Can. Med. ^^ Surg-

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all stout, there is probably sugar in the urine. It

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foods of man have been ascertained on an extensive scale, and many

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Paulus .£gineta. CelsuB, John Brown, William Cullen, Lionel Chalmers, Benja-

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Anal. u. Phys. Ixxii. p. 124. 24. SMITH, ANDREW H. "Caisson Disease," Presby-

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tal conditions and social surroundings, and carefully

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kidney through any available incision in the loin is well aware

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personnel of the North Carolina Medical Society. Brethren, what

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The Committee on ('redentials, etc., reported that tlie


descending in the rain. You shall see Him smiling in flowers and waving His hands in

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the liberality of those who are or have been attached to

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sulated stool, and charged, a series of discharges was

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great object of opening a free communication throughout this great

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who would oven oiuloavouv to observe the rigidity ol' absti-

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There was, however, no blood in the peritoneal cavity, nor any wound of

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<.f the fatal cases. The Introduction and first three Chapters are de-

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shreds of membrane, and cramps in the legs, which were drawn up to the

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Pevcy (J. F.) The treatment of compound fractures of

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of phosphates and of urea, both double the normal."

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illustrated on another page and followed by a hot plunge

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