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Bulbous enlargement of the ends of the fingers, with incurvation of the
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secutive to, and dependent upon, a tuberculous deposit. There has been
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advances in this department of science, constitute the truly great attractions of this book. —
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4. Upon that part of the board not covered by the palm-
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tors and abductors, the tensors and the laxors, may be affected separately.
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And any two of the books under the $7.00 offer, " " 2.00
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tion of patients, it is customary to say before or after collapse, and to
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found after death consist of water in great abundance holding in solution
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disease ; in other words, as persons affected by anix?mia ma}' contract a
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questions to be settled by future researches. It is to be added that some
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it derives its oxygen^ Nothing can live out of the presence
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referable to the nervous S3'stem. There is a marked contrast, as regards
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in the convenient form of Tablets, and will be found superior in
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conditions relate to the different constituents of the blood, and, with a view-
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or danger. It is clearly an object to get rid of the liquid, and the point
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anaestbetic effect is prolonged, and tbere is an absence of cocaine
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not too great ; the cough is more frequent, occurs in spells, and
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affording, for a time, marked relief. Yesications or cracks in the integu-
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to the violent acts of coughing ; but the latter, at all events, contribute
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the erysipelas of the face had nearly disappeared, and his throat
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which has now become dense and close]}' adherent, a friction murmur is
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devoid of feeling ; traits which those who enjoyed the familiar
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eases are to be considered, is their diagnosis. The term diagnosis means
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in the morning a full, dark-oolored feculent stool, followed by a
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well as to the cases in which their performance appears only to be difficult.
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two years, at the expiration of which time, after receiving the
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births and deaths occurring within the sphere of his practice, that
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located in the United States. It is under strictly regular management. Eight
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Lime and Soda, and Fruit J uices. An elegant and efficient brain aud nerve tonic.
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PIf.S. J. lliliiTholtipacadawn t«thiraliiurllBet{B) tobacornol with puteboud.
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him lame throughout life. Previous to this sickness, he had
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Gynaecology— B. F. Baer, J. M. Baldy, H. A.Slocum,
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obstruction to the pulmonary circulation, which diminishes the quantity of

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