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few times to become convinced of its value in reducing many of the

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to explain. But if, for example, we are dealing with a rabbit of

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degrees of ataxia of the heart exhibited by nervous excitable persons,

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evidence was invariably given with such remarkable clearness, and

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matters discussed in the Report of the Committee of last year, it is impossible

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occurred just as frequently under the use of these agents as without

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moist, ghstening, and slightly raised; of light tan color; musty odor; medium not

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The Chairman then brought under the notice of the meeting the

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" mechanical ventilating arrangements are always to some extent

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times, a hemorrhagic inflammation. It is sometimes chronic, sometimes

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the Calabar bean, while, under the list of authorities, the papers of

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ment by the employment of other and better means than carbolic

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accumulation of waste products. A small septic tank was dosed,

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attacks. Other surgeons have had the same experience. Von Lanz's

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antiseptic solution or upon a rubber sheet arranged to collect and drain

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