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but the long-continued administration of the tonic dose of corrosive

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covered from after simple aspiration. If the pus contains streptococci

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interosseous branch, viz., the triceps and anconeus, the supinator lon-

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Secondary — Chopart's, 8; recovered, 7, died, 1; Symes's, 4; recovered,

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and cases have been reported of obstruction resulting from a mass of

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There is in the possession of the author one of these instruments,

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nied by secondary changes in the cord and nerve-roots, due to pressure.

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salt, or magnesium citrate, may be administered by itself. The saline

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too large to pass through the mitral or the aortic orifice, and when small

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Frequently the progress of the gangrene is arrested by the formation of

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of usmg this light for streets^ pubHc buildings, Hght-houses, and so

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and have no connection with any organic disease, it is essential in every

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as far as possible : hence evidence of antecedent disease should be sought

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followed by cardiac pain and dyspnoea as in aortic insufficiency.

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periosteum and restored, by nature, to their normal conditioUj it is

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sium iodide. The latter agent is stated to kill all the organisms of the

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of the bacillus under the one title tuberculosis, with subdivisions classify-

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The abdomen is either distended, usually moderately, or flattened,

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symptoms resembling those of hemorrhagic nephritis. Kolb also has in-

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be examined in oil of cloves, since this agent in time causes the color to

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Branches of the pulmonary artery may become obstructed rarely by

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attempt is made to pick up a small object, as a coin, off a table. The

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verting the Patient. By Mr. Henry Power, Assistant Surgeon

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peritonitis. In rare instances the erosion of the vertebrae is so extreme

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is confined to the motor fibres, so that a peripheral nerve will in the end

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is situated very high up in the cord irregularities of the pupil and even

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only symptoms were that the child was constantly crying, constantly

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