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apple between meals ; and on Sundays, unless he takes

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tory process in which the disease itself consists, hut

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We append a bibliography, supplementary to that of Walters,

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VIII. " Zur Lehre von den Hantgescliwiilsten (Hajinangio-endothelioma),

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the pelvis, in which delivery by forceps and version is

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147.14 (3), quoted earlier, with the following sen- •

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disease, and has been described to me by patients as a

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roam unclothed, wild in the bush, free and unrestrained,

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of the character of a terminal infection. In 3 of the cases in which there

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and of these 25,000 died from cancer of the uterus.

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been carefully conducted, only one vessel required a ligature. The

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the rectum, this danger will be minimized. Fifteen drops three times a day in water.

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way of illustration of subjects of natural history. Some

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Society, the object being the formation of such a board as

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together and agreed in our conclusions. His judgment was remarkably

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