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of Syphilis.— F. J. Lambkin * has had 14 years' experience with

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more readily the wine which had been previously pi"e-

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attacks persons predispoiedto the disease, from the presence of

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symptoms were by no means so characteristic and well-

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fectly natural. He had spoken to the turnkey a few minutes before I arrived. Heat

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and comatose. He did not improve under hydrotherapy and saline

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resection and drainage. There were six in all. Three recovered,

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he had indicated. Even if an operation was afterward per-

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bones were kept separated by thrusting dressings between their

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In the treatment of gonorrhoea the therapeutic measures employed

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humming note which at higher frequencies becomes annoy-

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given for the same hospital or locality in which were the cases treated

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the broth. This pellicle consists of a practically pure culture,

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with rain water, or with light wine somewhat rough. Neither would it be improper

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added and again when coagulation has' occurred, that tube being

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marked form during the course of acute alcoholism. In such patients it is

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sanitary officials of the several States, and also of

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The learning of European medicine which the colonists

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preferable to the present front basement and back stairway arrangement,

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have been able to organize these Gl County Medical Societies in Wisconsin,

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"The present hostile attitude of the Old Code Physi-

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progress is slower than that of the sacculated variety,

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ordinary screw driver. The bone screws are made with a very

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most liable to it being men of soft and pliable tissues,

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following conclusions. The age at which the first menstrua-

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Bedsores. — A circumstance which points strongly towards the conclusion

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thej penetrate more deeply, and may destroy the perichondrium and

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itates its removal. As in these cases there is nearly always

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The investigation of disease may properly be confined to the consid-

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one day in 1907, and 3 days in 1908. A solar halo was seen on

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