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(CST), a non-stress test (NST), or biophysical profiling (BPP) may be appro-
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Wills Hospital — Service of Dr. LiTTEL — Cases discharged from April
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certain degree by the complete recovery of several paiients suf-
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growth had the characteristic deep-red color and general ap-
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puscles. When the myelitis occupies the whole thickness of the cord, the
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lack of normal or uniform development of the nervous system,
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posed, and where the probable first attack occurred
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courts, on both sides of the Atlantic. They merit, there-
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religious feeling at the commencement of the careers of these
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other State or Territory or the District of Cohimbiji, the
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figures of Dr. Draper and Dr. Mason are very interest-
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air, but can only be transmitted to distant places by
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legal profession ; but in this case it was so imperfect
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S6iuentvalvulalrecong6nitalede I'urttre. Lyon nied., 1898,
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tics. The exceeding minuteness of their indications, casts a doubt
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behalf. It is to be hoped that this subject will receive the
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etodolac (lodine lodine xl)
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decussating filaments, that are plaited into a dense felt. On the
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(States, where he will, for a time at least, reside,
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the skin and cellular tissue, from below the umbilicus
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portion of recoveries after operations, so that, in amputa-
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Problems arise when a physician licensed to practice in another state comes to Wisconsin and
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the first four days after the attack the patient was often cyanotic,
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of the subject is manifest. In addition to varjdng degrees
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plaining of some stiffness of a wrist, or elbow, or ankle, or a
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I then resorted to alcohol, in the form of strong W. I. rum. I told
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UtteaHon. Perataltic waves may be visible upon the surface. The coiidilioo
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rare disease, beginning as a pustular rash, impetigo, is
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of them are autointoxication cases and most of them are the re-
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felin's pills. These firms furnish doses of .0003 and of .0006.
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in infants, almost always, if not invariably, acquired.
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C. W. Field 2 reports a case in which the pathologic findings
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tive than the application of iodine. The risk of producing the constito-
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example, is compared with it. Thus, it is well known that the mildest
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pass downward, backward, and to the right through the abdomi-
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good work in the early fighting, in which he was often in positions of great danger, the French
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and will expand beyond a limited creed. It will also bring
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months. This miscarriage wjis followed by a uterine hemorrhage, and
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Case XVIII. — The case of F. L., suffering from enlargement of the thyroid
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the nasal fossae is often required to arrest the bleeding. It must not be

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