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large industrial enterprises. Farmers, storekeepers, do-

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mation concerning contagious diseases, other than variola,

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tion, (by alternate administration,) are described as direct specifics, an<i

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height of the waves of the electrocardiogram. The differences of

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pared, as we see him bidding for the dollar of the working-

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pulse became a little rapid. As she was constipated we ordered some

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was the pressure exerted by the finger, and that the,

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worms in the horse (ascarides), it should be given twice

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respects, he resolved to publish in one volume all that he had learned

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duty to our patients if we should advise every one suffering, not only

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1911. History: On August 16, 1910, sixteen months ago, he was engaged

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The candidate for the degree of Doctor of Medicine must have attained

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observation in the health resorts of the Continent and the Mediterranean

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conditions in the line of ascent, the apex, and the line of descent of the sphyg-

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M. D., Anatomy ; John C. Shaw, M. D., Diseases of the

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substance was particularly swollen, in some cases to the thickness of

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hepatitis and cholestatic jaundice have been reported rarely

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being the subjects. The old horse was killed first A

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and had no hematemesis at the time. This ciicumstance

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be all that is formed upon boiling with urine free from sugar. If a very small trace

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for the generation of ozone and a Tesla coil for the purpose

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bacteria that. "Following an extensive systematic series of re-

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Dr Sparman fays, the ointment of foot and greafe, with which

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narrow definition, quite out of keeping with the modern fashion of

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in his head, " as if a spasm was coming on." Has not suffered from head-

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is not seen in life, and the diagnosis rests on the correct interpretation of

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siderable uric acid. The destruction seems to be a process of

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continued the internal use of diuretics for nearly three weeks, and

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the vessels of the part at its true value, and does not call in the aid of

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flamed part and the application of sedative fomentations or counter-

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thence inferred be held to be true ? Some time will unfor-

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is caused by disease of the endometrium, in which inflammation of

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