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anaesthetic leprosy at least the more probable nature of the dis-

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ports of the discovery by Cunningham," Cxrassi,^ and others, of

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Boutid of now leather. It is generally limitoil to the prsconlia, not \in-

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biguus ; fourth. Pick's bundle ; fifth, an aberrant bundle of

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must stop, my head's getting bad " ; " even these few

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being carried on to expel the poisonous principle, and as

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make it as practical as possible, especially at its outset.

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order to prevent the importation and dissemination of cholera. Quarantine

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urine is first treated with 0.4 gram of mercuric oxide, when 10 c.c. of

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very extensive experience in testing its real merits.

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So, in such cases, it will be easy to say whether a fracture is recent or of

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discredit on anatomical dissections. They are directed by

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The Duke of Marlborough, in moving the second readin" of

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salt water forms for the most part, and are never para-

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the condition of Havana forhealthfulness has been improved,

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the caruncle, being connected by a thin and long band which was composed

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will make a committee of eight, six of whom will have to consent to whatever is done. I am

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cause the rapid subsidence of specific lympliatic swellings, and of

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3-phenyl-4-isoxazoIyl penicillin, Proc. Staff Meet.,

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leolus, into the suppurating articular cavity. Through this opening a

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ease by secondary contagion, the supposed conditions

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infection from wounds inflicted through clothing, the most

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to the Committee which introduced it for reworking.

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One cannot test a group of blind persons with the Point

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state sanitarium for those aflBicted with tuberculosis. After this is

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was present in the body ; fine flour was found in the

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suspended by these attacks, the circulation never betrays any other

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pleasure to serve and illuminate. The choice was medicine.

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possesses the anodyne and soporific action generally ascribed to the resinous

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diagnosis, and that the hemorrhage was usually a self-

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