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commonly invaded, as its walls participate in the formation of the eth-

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more rapid and more regular, moreover they occur when the patient is at

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9. Poer, D. H., and Stephenson, R. H. : Late results

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sioned by the existence of obstinate constipation, but, on the other

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Schnitzler, of Vienna (London Lancet, December, 1890),

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titled " Observations on the Digestive Ferments." According to the

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young subject. And he recorded no fewer than eighteen cases of fibroid

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gical Association," and its objects were stated to be

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of ships or other methods of transportation which are capable

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ftxbe, B., by later hand. * Orylapatium , Latin. ** fnSnej*, H. ;

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so great. To quote Bosworth,' "recognizing the fact

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glycol) a^'niia. The latter stands in a nearer relation than the former to the

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processes, laminM, arches, and articular facets are invari-

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This is an outline of one meritorious undertaking to which

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tudinal direction, is obtained of the distribution of the infected cells in

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Cultural peculiarities. Tho organism produces on all solid media tried

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arsenic, and certainly antisyphilitic remedies, should be tried.

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Dr. I. T. Talbot moved that ** The Executive Committee be

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patients to Fhitbush in case he found the conditions as repre-

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«mbtwpiiMl smttfRB. and after epileptic paroxysins; pregnane^- (40 per

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the toes and ankles whenever movement is attempted.

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the great majority of instances, that is, seventy-one per cent., the interval be-

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caps, scarlet mantles. Earlier centuries employ the

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to the central nervous system we find that during the past century

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much by the fortunate issue of their cases (I mean as far as

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piactieal arts; natural science; medicine; games and

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the second left interspace an area of dull- shelving end should be used. The pene-

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