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greater than that of an oil lamp. In the incandescent light,

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the tracheotomy tube. A second consideration is the

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case morphine has been swallowed, solutions of potassium

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February 12. — ^Blood shows diminution in hiemoglobin and red cells. Appar-

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dation — the prime factor in all katabolism — ^by which means album-

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pox to tbe Metropolitan Asylums Board Hospitals was a baby between 1 and

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at the rounded end of the parasite, and projects from the body.

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appreciation and success that it deserves. It has been

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At present the treatment which is thought to give the best results

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by a strong proliferation, and multiplication of the epithe-

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liberty of conscience is the primary and indispensable requi-

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M. J., Lond., 1889, i, 294.— Tillaux. Fistulespeniennes;

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The conditions under which these changes are produced are

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the altered tissue nucleus. It multiplies rapidly, assists in the

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of a sign of inflammation which one might suppose easily

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suffered for two days. Immediately before, slie had been ex-

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other parts of the body 2. Certain mark . W « **™^ m J S

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Dr. Ground gave a very thorough discussion of "Ectopic Oeatationj'' and

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rently because it is in combination with the protein-corpuscles

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whose effects represent the "chantage" the host pays the blackmailer

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woman objected, and, when- he asked for his fee, she

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duration, is always of serious moment. The inverse type of temperature

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polypi in one nostril. They were all removed at one sitting.

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lege, Phila., etc. Octavo, 621 pages, finely illustrated. Cloth, ^s-^S net.

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internum, and thoroughly applied by turning it about and

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milky juice, is in its natural state a violent poison, but when boiled it becomes

levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol tablets lupin

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