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pathic wards, there is great difficulty in securing
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Hemorrhages, by Macnaughton-Jones and others. In ad-
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portion of the abdomen being compressed by an assistant. The pus is thus
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\ ision in O D. was 3/200 and in O. S. was 4/200. Urine,
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the first three months of her pregnancy she was troubled
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may gradually disappear, to be reawakened at a later period by general
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5. Case of Impacted Gallstones in Cystic Duct. Opera-
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factory results in the absence of medication, results, moreover, which
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terrible and detrimental to the happiness of the in-
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nance. At the end of six months, however, during which
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lorus. It is evident that different food stuffs leave
with Fournier in insisting that the individuality of each case must be
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70T, corresponding to an annual death rate of 16.0 in a
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while starting a drill. Immediate treatment was given
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under five years of age numbered 4CX); over five years of
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De Krafft, S. Chase, First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve
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tients for this clinic. Among the guests were Dr. Daniel
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longer than the period of desquamation ; that isola-
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finding of the fusiform bacillus in an ulceration or
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absence of the uterus and vagina where a well-formed hymen exists
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body brought outside and placed in it there, and at
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W. F. Arnold, Passed-Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Navy, studied the
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a brownish pus-like fluid having the appearance of anchovy sauce was
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and, as before stated, have made it a rule to remove
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times the result and not the cause of other diseased
been noticed. The headaches and trembling are lessened.
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it may be truly said that its administration was productive of uniformly
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tations or versions around axes in Listing's plane,
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and has gone abroad for an indefinite period. He was
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nf appetite. The bleeding was continuous and the pains
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enormously increased, often approaching 100 ounces in twenty-four
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processes have little tendency to cause sympathetic
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the thickness, the tone, and the state of contraction
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public hospital, it has been necessary to obtain from
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about three inches in diameter and several smaller patches
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tance from it, btit their life is practically at an end,
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eliminated, look for some pathological trouble in the
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these were not under the control of the infant, and
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Enteritis. — Most cases in which insect larvte have been thought to come
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nary test tubes, small tubes of similar shape which
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1909, and have given him i/ioo of a grain every week
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cut through the skin and the aponeurosis of the external oblique, beginning

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