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heat, nor tinged sulphuric acid green or blue. Antimony and

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more, in the human subject. In the domestic animals the fol-

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to do to properly handle papers and articles which are indefinite-

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Db Hannb, J v., Captain and Assistant-Surcbor.— To

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center-based, and community-based (squatter settlement)

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doses, and the vapour- bath, which was used according to the di-

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to a considerable height, with a full and frequent pulse, and a

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connection with epidemic meningitis have been cases of true croupous

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able shape to reinforce the fenestra, which is at once cut in the bandage,

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powerfully exemplified in recent years by the prom-


surface so tliat, thoufjli septic matters are present,

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to draw great advantages from its use in the study of the atmosphere.

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ternal secretions of the sex glands are especially in-

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laboured under effusion into the right pleura: there Avas well-

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ing given to the nature of the injury as to the degree

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baele jebyjeb 11 ne py • he byb bpeap *j tibpe ponne he

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■ the racial demonstrations of 1963 may, in time, be

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I should like to add that since these articles have

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may be lateral (being then either homonymous or crossed)

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Medical science, long centralized in Europe, is shifting-

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or it may be occasioned by violence ; or again, it may be impossible to

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cautery. Dr. Armstrong reported seven cases successfully

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some patients there' t is a recurrence of some emotion or idea at the oncoming of a

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quite as efficient, and in many respects superior to the

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ly useful in empyema.* Precautions to avoid air are usually regarded

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"When I send you data that shows all the problems, you send

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and to devise machines to outrival even nature herself, *^ until

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arrive late in the afternoon, it is necesssary to detain some of tliem

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And it often happens that the patellar reflex is wanting in the paralytic

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life or misery is concerned, the anaesthetics have played the

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and he then gave a single powder of five grains of cal-

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terminated the discussion by going in a cab to the hospital, where

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covered with blackheads and pustules. He works in a metal firm, and

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closed and the pelvic abscesses evacuated by an incision above Poupart^s

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