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the symptoms whether, when the contents of one abscess
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company for damages. The jury failed to tind a ver-
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stead of the round prominence, we find a white line
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while there may be Jacksonian convulsions and trau-
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Med. Jour.. March I, 1002) which present some inter-
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tate with bromine water, just as a watery urotropine solution
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much among the different authors engaged in the dis-
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is a difference of weight, more often the left weighing less than the right.
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diseases of the digestive system, and diseases of the urinary
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Adherent and Contracted Prepuce, commonly called Congenital Phimosis. By De
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an area which never can be put at rest, which constantly is open
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simple in construction, applicable to all cases, require no
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quse necessaria sint, quse conveniant : Operari autem ipsam per
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mon exanthem, measles, to the presence and action of another micro-
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in temperate zones, being first described by Hebra in Europe, where
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membrane. The poison will, however, penetrate the membrane if the latter
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a slight amount of blood occasionally in the urine, which might
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frequently than the other specific contagions, consequently no argument
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Derangement of the movements of the eyeball is another common
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It meets the requirements of modern antisepsis in ma-
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damages for the alleged improper treatment of a broken
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are tonight exhibited for the first time in a case in which they
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the negative results of anatomical and phvsiologiital re-
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they form from this upwards a blind appendage to the ""iferent vessels, in which
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" It is invaluable to Medical Practitioners, and may
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as to the urgent need of so arranging our school-buildings as to make
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details of a case of sciatica occurring iu a young woman aged
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through the summer, getting up to tt\ viii— doses,
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high. The leaves are oblong, taper somewhat at both ends, and
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positive household contacts, 210 skin test negative con-
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individuals entrusted to his care will know when to
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cerebrospinal fluid is w^ithdrawn by lumbar puncture, and
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about a foot wide, must be rolled up so that they may be methodically
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found in the fully developed cord; these differences are, however, readily ex-
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cough; alarming his parents and his attendants for his life.
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that those that lay immediately along the bowel were
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species. Thus, anxiety, lassitude, uneasiness about the region
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soap, no starch. Persistent loss of weight and per-
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cine, the completion of our knowledge of the condition of the same part in the

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