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order to prevent the importation and dissemination of cholera. Quarantine
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our judiciary. At present, legal medicine is but a phantom, as law and
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their identity, and this is the reason that there is no specific
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lOSis. — Finding the ray-fungus in the pus is usually
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place he states that " the irregularity in rhythm is particularly well marked,
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hands of the Mayor. The action of the auditor in refusing
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The figures indicate that in one-fourth of the fatal cases the head-
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A further increase in the number of women delivered
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tender that it is difficult to be certain of the predominance of one side
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for relief. They usually lasted for two or three days, but in April,
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MEDICINE may be photocopied for the noncommercial purpose of scientific or
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treated, the majority with Schering's formalin in full 40 per cent,
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chronic poisoning and severe lesions, a large quantity of
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his hospital practice. These are all that are known
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why allow the special Hospitals to boast that any operation
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cess the bacillus has been found in the blood. According to
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which has often undergone considerable proliferation into the fibrin
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injudicious^ and their ill-judged attentions are frequently prejudicial to
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flammation, ovarian tumors, corio-epithelioma, etc. It seems hardly
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examining the sediments in the usuai way. As a further con-
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as invulnerable to the assaults of a freezing cold blast as a sala-
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to fairly recent dates, so this group affords some information of value.
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BowLBY (Anthony A., C.M.G.), a second case of successful opera-
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mother. I Mejdiinar klin., St. Petersb., 1885, iv, 33-57.
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pounds a day and could only stand the treatment for
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