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the lungs of mammals, but almost exclusively in the

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formerly a consultant in mycology at the Mayo Clinic and

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Dr. Prout states that " when blood is derived from the kidney

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doubtless be able to explain many of the frequent anomalous

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Pillsbury, Ernest S.. 4S31, San Francisco, Dec. 8, 1897.

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some great sin, as shutting himself in his room, or

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the incision heretofore recommended — a single, vertical,

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Journal of the Medical Sciences, March, 1893, p. 355). This conclusion

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year’s progress report to the LCME and after this

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he comes with the credentials of his fitness properly endorsed.

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inner surface of the left cheek ; the edges of the. sore were warty,

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service. One may use rectal injections of calcium chloride, 4 to 8 gm.

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pressure. This occurs particularly in arteriosclerosis and in chronic

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advances in sanitary science and practice have been incorporated. Recent

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was in this way the centre of a considerable number of attacks.

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and that of your readers. We trust that we have sufficiently relieved

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importance to struggle with can not be doubted ; the medicine

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which we refer was analyzed with great care by Dupuytren, who

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" a blood-disease, a form of typhus or ' putrid fever,' directly

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recognized from time immemorial; it must always re-

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Holland, and Franct The [jooplo of other nations such as

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makes people unable to do their work. My brother was

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hav^ y^taid on the subject, the single points of this prophylactic treatment

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to other consequences, such as gout, etc. The laboring classes are not

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be said this is an insane or delusive consciousness, and part of the insanity

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the extract of Arnica with a little hot water and mix the liquid

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contusion and exposure to the air — exposure is the worse.

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hog or ox and chop it fine. Fifty to one hundred grainsare to be

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There was no clinical evidence of peritonitis or hemorrhage; there was no vomit-

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from India to the shores of the Mediterranean; in fact,

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allowing the animal a plentiful but not over-abundant supply

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sure ; also, with the approval of tlie treasury, fix the salaries

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