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month. It may be argued that three months of palliative
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reason for the distortions, especially of the wrists and fingers in certain
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gr. R. Sulph. cupri 5 centigr., aqua? 250 gr. R. Acet. plumbi basici soluti 5
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appear elsewhere subsequently, with due credit to this Journal. Gentlemen
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generation of new microbes, or the transmogrification of old ones.
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positions in which such persons may be used are cooks, drivers,
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given only when the patient can be closely watched, and that at first
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walls supply brackish or bitter water, fit only for external use,
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ments^ that almost all surgeons, as well as anatomists, have
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sons and produce disease. It is not difficult, therefore,
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Large spaces arising from absorption of the trabeculte, starting In
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A Ravogli, Cincinnati, {Journal A. M. A., December 12),
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April 5, 1891. — The femoral was ligated four inches below
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New York 4. hoslon, Pitlshnrgli and Milwaukee 3 eaclj, Wa.'ili-
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points in the case. He had never seen the like before, although the hemor-
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iver, that the consumption of milk sterilized by this method is not
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by filtration through hardened filter paper is evidenced by the
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tem of the nerve anatomy which is involved* The sympathetic system
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where very meager. When such conditions exist, the results are very
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increase of the pericardial fluid, and upon the cardiac surface are often
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species, although variously named, appear to consist of — 1st,
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what sclerosed, particularly in the antero-lateral and poste-
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6,000 doctors in 2,000 practices from coast to coast.
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more powerful antiseptic action in the digestive tube. It
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only with the movements which simulate those of tic, while at another
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exchanges a day. Besides this dialysis prescription, ad-
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it until that morning; but he could only express him-
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Bosworth makes a point of this, and claims that of sixteen cases which
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Dk. Peters; stated that in retro-pharyngeal abscess
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hypotension occurs and is considered to be due to this mechanism, it can be
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389 deaths : Karachi, April 14-21, 270 cases, 238 deaths.
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suflScient, so I still hope for a favourable result. Whatever may be
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expulsive efforts, so important as aids in the paturient act, may
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course of human events, expect to meet mucli oftener on. occasicms like

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