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Rigidity then appears, followed by painful contraction analogous to cramp.
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distemper, in mal-de-coit or dourine in horses. Somewhat similar
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be removed by any single method, or on any universal principle.
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half, and in adults to one-third the distance from the
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bringing great wealth to the rulers of Spain, in stimulating
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pleural effusion. The skin having been thoroughly cleansed and the
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and finally result in the destruction of the integument. In
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instances, h rwever, this process could not be completely carried
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was much better at night, disappearing except in a few
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Baltimore, this amendment, with several others, was
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The great modification of the intermission which is so highly character-
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tant point. There should occur a horizontal nystagmus to the left of 26 sec-
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confident that chemistry was entirely competent to solve
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piration and circulation. Satterthwaite has seen a number
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itself, produces nevertheless the characteristic morphological
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tetanic scrum had been administered. It must be stated,
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it was resonant or tympanitic, and on pressure -with the
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The report is dated December IGth, a little more than five months after the
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feet are normal. In the right foot the great toe and second toe
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concurrence of testimony that the middle and later periods of life supply
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carried high enough to reach certainly healthy bowel.
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eu de la tendance à se répandre autour de la moelle, produisant
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in the affected part. Even the minor degrees usually include the
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road or round the box for a short time, until a little of the
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in repose. Nystagmus is rarely present in locomotor ataxy.
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experiment ; but this has been a popular tradition about
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whole lobe. When there is extensive atelectasis, the remaining parenchyma

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