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quality, to obtain which, the injection was used. It kept better on the ta-
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be forced through them by the contraction of the heart
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These four general propositions might be laid down in re-
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oxydation of carbon requires a temperature of eight hundred
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table-spoonful to be given every two hours, for the purpose of allaying
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condition of the economy, which amounts to a controlling ten-
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a dose of oil. At last, however, having so much oxygen to burn, he tells us
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disintegration of the gland- could be effected while yet suffi-
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coated ; bowels still unmoved ; not much pain, but much
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made up my mind not to be " caught napping" in this way again, and to
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torative in their influences ; that, unlike neurotics and stimulants ' t
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fect in the nutrive processes, and thereby is made worse ;
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dolph, Vt ; Profs Smith and Erni, Knoxville, Tenn : Prof. Kane, Detroit, Mich.;
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intensity of the sounds produced by it, and the difference between
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of high nervous excitement and vascular action. It is different
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and have amused myself in jotting down my own experience, which I send
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free discharge of pus, and on December 20th, a string of dead areolar tissue
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(El Porvenir Medico), it is stated that "M. Figuier, with a view of
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and successful mode of treating the case, which was acceded to.
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to the sub-clavian artery. If, in addition to this,
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has been divided, a speculum is introduced into the rectum.
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more completely displayed than in the figures we have quoted.
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digestion, and also in the blood and tissues by the metabolism
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The Rhine wines, or " Hocks,'' as they are called, are nearly
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ing, denominated "Ether of Madeira Wine," sold by im-
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continued for any considerable length of time, will result in
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That obtained by distillation under the new patent process
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into the palm of the hand as is often mentioned. Its strength
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deserves. The iodine solution will probably, before long, entirely
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by the systematic use of stomach washings and the maintenance
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Gonorrhceal ophthalmia is a very grave affection, when it is not
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your collaborator, A. G. Merrett, M. D., criticising the report of a
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a man, whose heart throbs in sympathy with the afflicted,
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pressure is removed, the nerves supply the electricity anew.
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There is a form of epilepsy which I have not yet noticed. It is
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tor, is the very Hamlet of the play — and yet the New York
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the arteries having to traverse the capillaries and find its way
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snuff. The anaphrodisiac properties of camphor may render it an
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false cord obscures it by being tilted inwards ; and
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then withdrawn. The pain, which was intense before the ice was
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November 26. — It became necessary to adopt a tonic supporting plan of
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Drs. E. M. Clark, E. Kane, Detroit ; E. Leach, Owosso ; C. Gil-
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" Go back, present my service, and say that I can take anything from
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of the vermiform appendix; this part you will recollect opening
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the blood-vessels that lie in the coat of the stomach. It has
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cess to situations where the contracting force of the granulation

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