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and yet after a time recovers itself as the blood improves in quality and the
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whole country plucked up heart, and as many as 12,000 of them
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generated. Madam Dejerine-Klumpke,^ and later Spiller,^ sifted these
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considerations must guide us: hemorrhage and the final
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of the right lung ; some adhesions also at the left side. The superior
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course of the disease and seems to tend to induce a relapse."
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of that journal for the space he has afforded them.
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inst. The proceedings are expected to include the re.ading of
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more space to this one mediaeval author, whose manner
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ficial abscess, in a lymphatic gland ; just as we know
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when they have an object in view, we certainly object to
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3rd. Dr. Tuckey, Medical Officer of Bantry Dispensary and Work-
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Tiate the extreme difficulty of managing this class of patients under the

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