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the glycogenic function of the liver is at least as im-

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called attention to the essential diagnostic points and

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Textbook of Embryology; Foster and Balfour, Elements

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turers are invariably high authorities in their re-

dulcolax pink laxative tablets directions

ence as taught at schools outside the university has

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than the authors of this work, who, from the nature

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Orillia institution, has been appointed assistant su-

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parently with the early history of Christianity. It

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was four«l to be healthy ; the spleen slightly en-

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October 20th, Dr. Isaac C. Johnson, aged sixty-three years.

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the journal — no one else does^ — but it looks learned

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Mealth of the city of Philadelphia: Typhoid fever, 52 cases,

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2 Depression with catalepsy in manic depressive insanity; botli

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Paragraph 27, Special Orders 244, September 24, 1910.

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