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1 in the minute); do itertor, but some tracheal talcs; pulse 100, soft and

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other and more usually manifested phenomena of rheu-

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a second or slower still. I find twice a second the most useful for

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ful ulcerations, all collected into larger spots of different sizes,

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ensuring some definite concerted and final action at the

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Semmelweiss recognised at once the reason why the mor-

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aminers ; but the visitors acknowledge that as the law

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child was being delivered, and continued it in gradu-

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Society, brother of John Bell of Edinburgh, was Professor of

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features which have been already referred to in connt

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1. That while presentations of the head occur in 96 per-cent. in

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State's wealth, her banking account, and how she is going to care

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In some instances I have thought trivial suppuration, with

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worse by motion ; severe pain in the feet at night ; cannot sleep.

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Jackson 'ovskol epilepsii i pokazaniya k nemu. [Results

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Point Pleasant ; First Yice -President, Dr. J. O. Wall, Hunting-

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80 Dr. Hanna's History of a unique Case of Heart Disease.

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pear to be two or three causes for this : one is that the head

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degli animali a saugue caldo dalle inoe.ulazioni del bacillo

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and the chemistry of living matter. . . . Non-living,

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a case, great errors may be committed. We may assign a period for death

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of which the fourth during the present century is at

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feeling in this muter, and have informed him that he is

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and paroxysmal character in a malarious region, independent of

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These tables show that during pregnancy the whole cervix is at

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" Honor to Medical Men," fot which, on motion of Dr. Van

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salt, i)ure and recrystallized, with good results in

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Hyperdactylie erzeugeu, mit Bemerkungen iiber Hyperdac-

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PoTTEViN, H. Influence de la configuration st^r^ochimique des glucosides sur

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producing this edition within seven years of its initial publica-

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symptoms of obstruction were relieved but he gradually

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*This schedule applies equally whether or not the biting animal has been previously vaccinated.

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her as long as possible under observation, and because we knew that

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the syrup; dissolve the glucose in the mixture, and add

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Bradford Dkuch, Ph. B., M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Kar in Bellevue

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claimed for this treatment that with no loss of weight a decrease of the

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