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line, and below at Poupart's ligament. Pressure on the tumor caused

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ceding week, and 1 1.5 for the corresponding week in 1909.

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discussion of anterior poliomyelitis. This is followed

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ceive treatment either at the laboratory of the medical col-

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one and nve years of age. Seventeen stillbirths, 9 males

doxycycline 100 mgs rash

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Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. — Dr. Bertola has treated nine-

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of the typhoid bacillus, introduce an entirely new phase in the prac-

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or by the respective National Foreign Committees which

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BECAUSE only pure drugs are employed in their manufacture, no com-

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decided last week that it was valid. Personal property

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of the labor which pre-eminently distinguished his long life. Before he

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only by an ablation of the entire organ. This remark refers to a late

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are rapidly swept out of the circulation. In leukaemia, both acute and

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to whom I am indebted for the careful study of the ocular defects iu

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tion which have been studied in detail will illustrate

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throw some light on the real cause of the disease are as follows: farm

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showing every characteristic of the amoeba coli. I am inclined to think

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Dr. E. H. Wilson, upon the life-history of the bacillus, and in a tele-

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In some of the reported cases the diagnosis was confirmed by operation,

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inently forward, because they show themselves to be a decided hindrance

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