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Ue, although even here a suitable, judicious treatment, if carefully fol-

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process of inflammation is, however, characterised by a produc-

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spaces with the idea of carrying human cargo to full capacity. In the

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at the anus and spreads in 3 days over the lower surface of

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foration, the observer looks in the exact direction of I to his patient, which are often highly necessary to ob-

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patient strong enough to endure the experiment, and held that

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oil,- the acidity developed being titrated. Gaultier used lecithin

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slough bathed in yellowish or sanious pus. The slough is separated


other cases Avhich have been examined in the jxtst-mortein room of Guy's

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nish a key to the recognition of pleurisy in children.

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the arytenoid remained enlarged. His general health improved.

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of a subcontinued type, after several sharp, intermittent quotidian

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and Colon Infection as Shown by the Ophthalmic Test, Jour. of. Sled. Research,

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and a half millions, increased in eight days to from four

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Properties. — It is a colorless gas, of a suffocating odor, and

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thirty-three, whose heart presented no contraction that could be detected

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sold under the names of "golden syrup," "maple syrup,"

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the stomach have a significant symptomatology, often cause dilatation

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He had seen him four months before, and all of the symptoms

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less carriage was built 65 years ago by a Dr. Church,

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cardura and nipple pain

" Pulmonary Vesicles. — In these we may demonstrate the exis-

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that at constant volume. In the case of argon, this ratio was

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need the drug, and at times it is advantageous to allow the patient

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tumor for some time after tlie above symptoms have been obsen'ed. Tlw

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common. The pneumonia of influenza may be either lobar or lobular

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upon. Both recovered. This operation, he said, really

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throat discomfort caused by cardura

of fuel, the process is sometimes very imperfectly carried out.

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rettement. 3, Submucous injections. 4. Electrolysis. 5.

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found that the constriction was almost a finger's length

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iris; and after having entered the eye, to be turned round with its convex

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has published a list of 284 cases treated by this drug with a death-rate

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sions had occurred. A well-observed case so far as albuminuria is con-

why was cardura recalled

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rence in 1914, the eighth year of her disease. The other twelve sur-

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Trpo? Ta iXLKpo^LO. Kttl TOU9 StaAetTTOiTa? Trvp€TOv<;. TaKrifb?,

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wherefore the idea of ligating it was abandoned. There re-

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Smith calls attention to the great benefit that would re-

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