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illustration of the same principle. " On a post mortem

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daily observation. I have tried creasote ; but in one

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registered in the tables laboured under an incuraV)le

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ease, or obstructed function in remote organs, as the an-

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an essence, that still small voice, powerful but not by

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been specially pointed out ; but I believe that I can-

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2</, Another instance of false experience is with respect to the

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President — C. Eitchie, M.D. Vice-Presidents — R. S.

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chiefly at the time of the epidemic itself, but to the

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member of the profession. We hope that the example which

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thing progressed satisfactorily, and she made a per-

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those of mental philosophy. This absurdity is, it is to be ob-

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est vox relativa et ad servos refertur : et deitas est

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ments difficult to acquire. It is only those who hiive

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and the foundation of all right reasoning and practice

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press upon the general disease (viz. typhus), a tendency to

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nistered. Besides this, it must not be forgotten that

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disease of the follicular, or mucous glands of the intestines,

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in this : that, whether in conducting a scientific in-

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he had, as he supposed, an illness, and was about to

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in books; viz., that in lepra the patches are circular,

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still better, cold air. I have found that occasional

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upon cerebro-spinal excitement, originating in intes- ! Iron, iodide of potassium, and in some cases

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taken home in a cab. He then became seriously ill, with

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of all possible interference with tapes or fastenings,

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