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the doctor did them much good, after all." And far too many act
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More than likely, he’s a Camel smoker, too, for Camel’s
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balance of $2.10 after the purchase of a War Bond for
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The course in student internship is as definitely estab-
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representation of the surface of the body. The point of injury to the vertebrae and the cord structures beneath requires careful
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hours against the face of the cervix, using a disk-
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must be mixed extemporaneously in order to match the
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abuse is heaped upon him, the family remains indebted to him. In
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studied the relationship of endocarditis and embolism to chorea.
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circular press is filled with the advertisements of Patent Medi-
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most entirely exempt but since their emancipation and particularly
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Society. Deaths — Howard Reed, Philadelphia (Univ.
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change butlittle, if at all, will be distinctly seen. If a worm, or a
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ing campaigns are unnecessary since the over-all need
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indicates no general divergence of opinion from that
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the orders of the colonel, to tender their resignations on the spot if
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one class of men, however, who will not learn wisdom even by ex-
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lower pitch to her voice, and a somewhat falling off
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acid, mercresin, and others ; or it is complicated by
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1940 and 1941 to his committee’s offers to local county
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Westmoreland: Resignation — Frank J. Pyle, Scott-
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sometimes the situation gets beyond the man with lim-
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Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Session,
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study. A routine flat film is taken before giving the
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The absence of many psychiatrists in military serv-
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each advanced step of the disease (compare analysis
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from a feeling of insecurity, or from disturbing resid-
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celled and rarely equalled ; nor that the language in which he
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me to learn from this group of patients and from the
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hirst — -Gilson C. Engel, 255 South Seventeenth Street,
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dation since it w'as organized in 1938. The funds which

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