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but was imable 1o go up or down a stairway, and could not safely at-
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fessed, that there is occasionally a brilliancy in the
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A. Fetal adenomata were so named by Billroth from their histological
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.and disposition, and a highly suspicious disposition, etc, may be distin-
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lost his interest in the geology of the Alps or the early history of mankind ;
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sac, that, where a hernia had been present for some time, the
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pier, due to contact with some leucorrha>al discharge
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Initiated: and some of the Friday in-service education
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March 31st. — Less discharge, but has throbbing headache, bell,
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years, had one child five years of age. She never had a
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been present. A very small quantity of ozone would thus entirely discharge
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usually indicated by pallor, opacity, and swelling of a definite patch of
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my hands after having been a long time under the treatment of
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larynx, which may cause death by suffocation in consequence
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and is the result of direct violence. Union is mostly ligamen-
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sooner than a greater. Besides, phlegmon passes through va-
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W. A. Cerswell ; Pathology, R. D. Defries ; Ophthalmology and
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the Sister in attendance, the patient owes her life. Ex-
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On the supposition that syngamy has now been entirely lost in the haemo-
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rather than venous stasis, which caused the syncopal and
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ago the two great therapeutic theories were, first, the
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„h more re-istaiu to -terili-ation. and the -lou.K'h^ ot tnese .trueture>
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toms were very grave, and the eruption consisted of slight,
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the edges, whereupon it is completely removed by means of poultices,
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457. — Reik (H. O.) The sterilization of instruments with
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There has been considerable discussion on the subject of differen-
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g.vniikologischen Abteilung der Gebiiranstalt von Mohileff
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was taking 100 gm. of carbohydrate and 2400 calories per day.
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and occiput lie one l)ehind the other, tiiat is, when the axis of the
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opened of itself. Tlie opening, however, was enlarged by a bis-
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absorbs 25 to 35 ;» of the nitrogen of raw eggs given as an
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tained by Bantock, Thornton, and Tait, regards it a justifia-
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off pleasantly, and followed by a free discharge of fetid matter. A free
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as the word tracheotomy. One sees the word tracheotomy
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smallpox broke out in his district, began to paint with
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scrofuloderma and in the erythema induratum of Bazin.
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apex, which would probably result in instant death.
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able old age. When the disease is induced by the various causes of

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