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Thomas* brings forward a few points of evidence — mostly second-hand

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exerted on the paravertebral tissues by finger tips

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day, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. June 4, 6, 6 and 7,

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state of things, the author would gladly assist in bring-

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have been recommended. For restlessness, phenacetin

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(classical word-deafness). These symptoms, as a whole, constitute sensory

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early in labour, when the severe pains came on she would, if left to her own in-

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an inch at the smaller extremity. The general shape of

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undoubtedly due to the blood treatment, for all through her

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temperature above 102.5^, and adherence to an absolute

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healthy male subjects increased plasma digoxin concentrations

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In attempting to remove a large piece of necrosed bone

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and by whose action they are formed : or by a diminution of the

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is shorn at fig. 76, by reference to which it will appear that the

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necessary part of the cure of "the disease", it may

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423 Plague causing unrest in India. [Vol.xxvi,Nt>%6)

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generally occurs as an acute process, attacking persons in previous good

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and Professor Way, who set straightway to work upon the

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and Nylander's solution. The fermentation test showed 1.1%

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authority in the profession, has been one of growing appreciation — an

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school-life to health, both in public and in private

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phagocytosis, or warfare between physiological and patho-

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are with external form, and visceral and metabolic functions must

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"King's Evil"; upon consideration of which she was presented

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to be given with much caution. If suffocation threaten, tracheotomy may

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