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cide like the arbitration committee. Maternity funds

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Now cause and effect and the relation between the events studied re-

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would not have so many cases of hemorrhage of the brain as we

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period of non-infectivity lasting two to three weeks, becomes again

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line rather than the male. He did not, however, insist

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1889, Ixviii, 45-71, 1 pi. . Contribution k r6tude des

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symptoms of parathyroidectomy are not susceptible of any

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tion, as at present. The striking success of Volkmann.

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ciently familiar, and it is treated by Dr. Atkinson in an eminently practical manner.

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form a quantitative estimation of it may be readily made by the

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the right side. A leather belt was buckled rather snugly

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Weinstein, M. H., Fairmont; Northwestern Univ., 1936 1937 1938

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more space to this one mediaeval author, whose manner

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at the University, taught bleed — bleed — every case

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tinal or renal colic, or salpingitis, begins with severe abdominal pain,

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they seem at first to be doing no good, l^ecause it has sometimes happened

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disease by other than general clinical means is hardly neces-

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eral resistance, the local resistance of the mucous

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This form is .commo n in children , and is generally second -

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ammonia with the phosphate of magnesia, an ammcmio-magnesian

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When convalescence begins, chicken-broth and milk-puddings

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also, when in stronger doses, in deterring the formation of granu-

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letting better than any other remedies, or is it the only remedy that will answer the pur-

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monia, two of measles with tuberculosis, two of fa-

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Meek and Greig Smith have found that the tick inoculates two

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by the resolution . of the central portion, which sinks and becomes

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— owing their prolongation to constitutional or systemic weakness

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hamamelis for the relief of uterine haemorrhage, although I

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acidity, and vomiting, with signs of hypertrophy and dilatation of

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posits occur within this time, though instances of a

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is useless, and we are forced to do a tenotomy on the other

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the wound in the chest, and rapidly extended over the whole body

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and finally become surrounded by a deposit of cholester-

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arose. Nor in other cases, wbere loss of tendon reflexes ap-

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was greater than in the case of -Mrs. W. The exhibition was stopped eight

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and they know also that medical schools of Great Britain

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