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Samuel Stuart, private of Co. B, 46th Ind. Yol. Inf., who is "tem-

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to assume that the indifferent bacteria which are always found in

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after death — another point of similarity to chronic pleuritis.

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21.29 per cent, of the deaths from all causes were due to pneumonia ; whilst on the

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interest to patients and their friends. The restoration of speech may accom-

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one particular physiological agent. The question between him

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Is Biliary Lithiasis of Microbio Origin ? — The Paris

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vol. iii.), of Sandefort {Museum Anatomicum, vol. iv., tab. cli.), of

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were of an entirely distinct character. See Dr. Francis'

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of the limb. I referred to this in a paper published in

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Pathology. The disease is, pathologically, a neuritis, probably ;i

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the branches of the first and second division of the fifth : both

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theemia. The fact that there may be tlie same changes in the spleen, lym-

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condition to continue longer meant more hemorrhages,

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the patient was very anxious to have the tumor removed, which

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He was admitted at 2 a.m. on the 11th of the month.

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" art." If convinced that the first proposition is true, he must

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sured and uninsured, are plentiful, and collections are

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the association of result with supposed cause is merely

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at the Society and the great respect shown to his labors

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16 Echinococcus of Liver and Perforation into the Lungs and

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cate than the colon colonies, come to be disseminated in the fluid,

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These patients are to be sustained by tonic remedies

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proof that he is temperate in the use of alcoholic liquors, and this is

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with a brownish crust, in the clefts of which we see a

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proposed amendment. " <i ronnty nialiral Morifty"

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the personal skill of individual operators will have much to do with

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the medical department of the University of St. Louis. In 1847 he became

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fresh wound. Direct local infection of hitherto healthy

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therefore think that this operation greatly deserves to receive the atten-

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seventy-six years. He was born in Konigsberg, Prussia, and

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climatic conditions, being rather enervating, have more to do with the cause than

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class at Bellevue Hospital, the patient being fully under

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experimental investigation in dogs' viscera. If any difference exists

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and could secure a case infected by just that identical

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should always be done in these cases, as it often yields the most

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complains of return of the nervousness, but this is

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into the womb up by the side of the placenta, break up any adhesion

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**In whatever way, write the Scotch Commissioners, the mortality

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