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of the conjunctiva and sub-conjunctiva over the tendon of the
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Fragments of these shells rapidly lose their velocity.
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a broad field, though mainly upon nervous and mental diseases, some
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Charles A. Bentz, M.D., Journal of Cutaneous and Venereal Dis-
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of i86ยป, when upon the breaking out of tlic Civil War he
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azonic ether, iodine to saturation, and two and a half per cent of sea salt. The solu-
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which prevail there. For several years Dr. Streeter has
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Lower Animals to Man," by W. L. Jackson, M.D., Boston.
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Hospital, Frederick, Maryland, from 1862 to 1865. He married
diltiazem 2 25 cream
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ing that lime was college instructor in that deparlmcnl.
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equipped medical college for women in existence. Here
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part to be done, specialists could undertake to form the section
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and is director of surgery to the Bellevue Hospital, Cornell Division,
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American Physicians, the American Climatological Association, the
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ton, Philadelphia, Penn. ; Dr. F. G. Oehme, Staten Island, N.Y. ;
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cord, and which, for want of a better name, we call "hysteria,"
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alarm, suspecting his friends of insincerity. There is more in
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tained." The truly sacred commandments of the code are, in
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ment of " The Voice," for the best monograph on the diaphragm
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and popliteal fistulae, were only preliminaries to septicaemia.
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of the throat at New York Post-Graduate, 1903-10, Ophthalmologist
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In lesions produced by bullets the prognosis is in general
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the following result is obtained: 1832, of 10,000 inhabitants, 234.16 died; 1849,
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the University of Tubingen. Translated and edited for Eng-
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the most dangerous element that can be inhaled by human
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hopeless cases. Phosphorus also is indicated in this stage, and
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York. To the marriage has been born two children: Albert S., Jr.,
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expectancy in such acute diseases as cholera, for instance, he
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the absence or the attenuation of the symptoms they pre-
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Clara C. Austin, M.D., has removed from No. 10 Allston Street to Hotel
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In 1862 he became a member of the New York Academy of Medicine,
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the question, " Do homceopathists ever use opium according to
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patient opinions on diltiazem
active career both by members of the profession and by civilians of
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the reign of purgatives is not yet over : purgation is still allop-

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