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that medical students should be required to attend hospitals for the
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tlie possibility of death being caused by injury to the viscera. The
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In bronchiectasis with a single definitely localizable and isolated
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It is also interesting to find that between gliadin and the
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The lateral shear, to which alone Dohrn attaches the name {ver-
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New Mexico, warns against sending the indigent consumptive to the
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No doubt, in nearly every case of what is called puerperal fever, we
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efficiently maintained and regulated by a responsible party. The
diflucan dosage for severe yeast infection
Fatty Degeneration. — The second class of cases, those of fatty infil-
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in certain secondary and hereditary cases of syphilis it exercises a
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to determine whether or not phagocytosis as determined by the
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Should this instrument obtain the approval of the Obstetrical
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with a remarkably bluish shining sclera. On the other hand, the torpid
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Diabetes. — Obesity is rather frequently combined with diabetes. In
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number proportionately were attacked, about 1 in every 6 of the
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"We may also use the troches (composed of the infusion and sugar,
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and a moderate number of pus cells may be found in many lesions.
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and by constant watching, and the unsparing use of stimulants, he
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the improvement in his appearance was so marked as very agree-
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experience, as regards the cultivation of the healing art.
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judiced consideration of all philanthropists, moralists, legislators,
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we cannot be uniformly sure of success, we still may do much to avert
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" The madness of criminals is that of individuals who, possessed
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on this point is especially desired. It would be of value if the
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the expense and prolonged duration of medical care, have aU contributed
what does diflucan treat
anaemia, dyspepsia, and gastro-intestinal atony, the common salt springs,

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