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dental and eye clinics in the plant, and others provide for the

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has shown that this is dangerous only when allowed to

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tion of blood to the head. This view derives important cor-

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During the winter of 1815 and '46, Dr. Crawford, the

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them officinal, and SOfo favored issuing annual supplements,

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been a serious problem, and it is only a few years since

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tion, endeared him to every member of the should have a unit representation. The

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and legs. In some, I have had complaint of swelling

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of potash were substituted as a hypnotic. Depression following the withdrawal

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commonest after fractures of the humerus. In the ab-

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[From MiiwUs of Executive Committee for February 28, 1R72 ;) 4 )

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nation to the posterior nares and transmits the reflected image of these

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failure and distress, with a rapid, feeble pulse (a toxic form), (c) The nervtms at

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osseous union higher up than the lowest third of the sacnim ;

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sions, and in the thickness of their walls; and all the valves

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Tag alder a trial from all those who may be interested in the development of

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tion and subsequent condensation of water along with phos-

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animals and plants are single indivisible cells. Man's body

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served that quite a similar condition of the cornea may occur also

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"Animals killed in the early stage of the simple inflammatory affec-

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which will restore (he liver to its noinial condition, or remove th(

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vocal mechanism, and thus have them act in unison. This

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milk during the hot season. If the mother be not competent to furnish it,

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set in, for the reason that the tissues are so broken down that

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the obtructed artery be of smaller size, or the inflammation be

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