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Complete superficial necrosis took place on healthy skin with
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be gladly received and, donV)tless. earnestly seconded in a more enlightened study
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more surprising than this strange discovery, and the learned will wait
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ing rein put to the top of the bit, and the coupling rein to
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After the bleeding, if the skin remains hot and dry,
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cords, with deep ulceration which healed slowly. Two cases of atelectasis
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from the cerebral cortex to the cauda equina. There may be not only
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on abruptly and subsiding in the same manner. Between the attacks the
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on the trochanters, on the occiput (Chomel), as well as on the surface of
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ingly to assist the patient. In the first position, then, the assist-
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diameter of the small cells pervading the tissue elsewhere.
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termed masked agues, in which the paroxysms are stated to be of the most
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prescribed by the latter. They are required to treat
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altogether too large, and in which the patient would die without an
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The aitiology of Fever. — Dr. S. Davis, of College City, Cal, sends

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